The Chakra Pilgrimage – Our Path to Freedom

5-day Retreat at Shambaniya Eco Village, Bulgaria


“Chakra”, or wheels, are the main energy points in our body. When the energy is not flowing properly through them, we start to develop physical, emotional or mental diseases. Each day of our 5-day retreat we will learn about a different chakra. We will analyze the state of each chakra in our body and will explore ways to work with the chakras, so that we are liberated from everything that limits us from our spiritual growth.


The Place : Shambaniya Eco Village


Shambaniya Eco Village is located in the Village of Banya, on the road between the two main Bulgarian Black Sea Coast cities Varna and Burgas. Shambaniya is placed between the sea and the mountain, between the sky and the earth. The beach is 5 kilometers away and is reachable by foot,  if you are not afraid of walking, or alternatively it takes only 10 minutes by car.  The Eco Village is a place for retreat, meditations, holistic practices and spiritual insights. You will enjoy the unique nature around – woodsy hills and quiet beaches.

Accommodation is in rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people, bathrooms are shared.

The price of 300 EUR includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All yoga practices and lectures according to the schedule
  • Meals during the retreat: brunch and dinner

For further information, please contact the organizer Lotus Spirit Yoga Studio, Bulgaria Katerina Kotseva: ,